Ortega Oaks Candy Store to Bluejay Campground

This was our New Year's Day run 2008! There's water in Bluejay Campground. A direct run there and return is 16 miles.
[Ortega Oaks Candy Store] -> San Juan Loop -> Chiquito -> Viejo Tie -> San Juan -> [Bluejay Campground] and return then across Hwy 74 to San Mateo,
Bear Canyon -> Morgan and return and finally 1 victory lap around the parking lot for the last .08 mile

Distance: 20.08 miles (Roundtrip) - measured with Greg Hardesty's NIST-verified Garmin 205 ;-)
Lowest point: 1650 ft
Highest point: 3400 ft
Elevation range: 1750 ft                                                                         [Elev Profile]   [Directions] [Back]